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The laws would be sent to the Law Commission, set up in 1995 by the government after the country’s first democratic vote, Justice Minister Ephraim Chiume added in a statement.

The penal code of Malawi classifies homosexuality under “indecent practices and unnatural acts.”


Arrested German accused of links to al Qaeda

BERLIN | A 27-year-old German man was arrested Thursday by a police special-ops team in the western city of Bochum on charges he was part of an al Qaeda bomb plot in Europe, the federal prosecutors’ office said.

Suspect Halil S. is accused of being part of the so-called “Duesseldorf Cell.” The group was said to be plotting the bombing before its three main members were swept up by police in April, prosecutors’ spokesman Marcus Koehler said.

At the time of their arrest, authorities said the three were working on making a shrapnel-laden bomb to attack a crowded place inside Germany such as a bus, and were experimenting with explosives and detonators, but had not chosen a specific target.

Halil S., whose last name was not provided in accordance with German privacy laws, is accused of supporting the three with financial and logistical help, and then attempting to carry forward their plot after their arrest.


Women to serve on British submarines

LONDON | Women will be allowed to serve on British navy submarines, with female officers taking up roles beginning in late 2013, Defense Minister Philip Hammond announced Thursday.

The first officers will serve on Vanguard class nuclear-powered submarines and will be followed by enlisted positions in 2015. Women also will be able to serve on the new Astute class nuclear-powered submarines after 2015.


Mugabe seeks to scrap power-sharing deal

BULAWAYO | Zimbabwe’s autocratic President Robert Mugabe called Thursday for elections next year for a new government to replace the power-sharing pact created after 2008 voting that led to deadly violence.

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