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“You cannot even believe what we saw,” she said after arriving in Larnaca, Cyprus. “We saw people looting, we saw gunfire, people shooting other people. A lot of people working in our hotel, they came out with sticks and knives and bats, and they protected us from getting looted.”

The parting image for others came in the form of a firsthand experience of the kind of corruption that some protesters said was the catalyst for their rage.

While complaining about the disappearance of ground staff at the airport, Mr. Hutton, the Canadian tourist, recalled that the passengers banded together to “collect $2,000 for a policeman at the door.”

“He would not let us pass without paying,” he said.

At a terminal where the government-chartered flights departed, officials said more than 8,000 people were trying to leave. More than 35 flights flew out from that terminal.