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Explanation: Title of a new book to be published by Random House and written by New York magazine contributing editor Gabriel Sherman, based on a cover story he wrote for the magazine in October called “Chasing Fox: The loud, cartoonish blood sport that’s engorged MSNBC, exhausted CNN — and is making our body politic delirious.”

Translation: “Prototypical member of liberal media elite writing Roger Ailes book,” as per Hamilton Nolan, of


The much-ballyhooed “CPAC Straw Poll” is now “The Washington Times/CPAC Straw Poll”. Indeed, this paper has sponsored it.

The 11,000 attendees at the annual conservative shindig will vote on the poll — considered one of the first serious looks at Republican 2012 presidential contenders — through Friday. Results will be released at 5 p.m. Saturday and talked about all day Sunday.

It’s a whopper, though. Fifteen candidates are listed on the survey — all the regulars, plus newcomers Jon Huntsman Jr., Herman Cain, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and former New Mexico Gov. Gary E. Johnson.

The survey also plumbs the conservative take on prominent issues, from illegal immigration to gun rights; opinions of the Republican field of contenders and a foray into “core beliefs and ideology.” Respondents are to name the most important thing to them: smaller government, traditional life-affirming values or a secure nation.

See all the big doings as they happen here:


• 76 percent of Americans are interested in the ongoing uprising in Egypt.

• 23 percent are not interested in the situation.

• 58 percent are “wary of efforts to spread democracy in the region.”

• 63 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of Democrats agree.

• 32 percent say the U.S. “should always support democracy in the Middle East, regardless of risk.”

Source: A Reuters/Ipsos poll of 1,112 adults conducted Feb. 4 to 7.

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