- The Washington Times - Friday, February 11, 2011


I was disappointed to see the use of inconsistent and therefore slanted labels for the opposite sides of the abortion issue that appeared in Thursday’s article “Judge Orders trial for Pa. abortion doctor” (Nation).

The article should have been headlined “Abortionist to stand trial for murder.” The abortion opposition group Live Action, which taped the purported human trafficking by a Planned Parenthood clinic manager, was labeled “anti-abortion.” The same article labeled the abortion group National Abortion Federation as “pro-choice.” For the sake of balance, the latter should have been labeled “pro-abortion.” If labels are necessary, why not call the groups what they call themselves, namely, either pro-life or pro-choice?

I note that while Planned Parenthood was prominently mentioned in the article and the actions of its officials were reported, the article did not apply any label to the organization that is unquestionably the largest abortion provider in the country.


McLean, Va.



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