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The Ohio native put out prints with names like astral, cloud and star in a collection inspired by the sky.

She paired clothes with zebra-print bags and boots, and shearling coats.

Lepore had had shimmery white fabrics in swaying dresses that were ruffled, tiered and embellished with rhinestones.

The astral print was a mix of large stars and flowers. Lace created sheer backs on jackets.

Lepore’s finale was a long sheer dress in black with a deep V-neck and silver beading.

“I think it’s what women really want to wear,” actress Patricia Clarkson said. “Not a fantastical idea of what a woman wants to wear.”


“It’s about love,” Tahari said backstage. “It’s about luxe, luxurious, luscious.”

He went on to add leather, lace and leopard to the list.

Tahari’s romantic line was grouped by color, changing from black to white, then fading to beige and darker browns and ending with burgundy.

Chiffon flowed over lace or lace fell over chiffon to create sheer effects. Sleeves were wide and floating. Fox fur functioned as vests, scarves and stoles. Animal prints appeared on skirts, jackets and pants.

Tahari said he sees the woman he dresses as “sexy and smart.”

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