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The other giveaway were Rodriguez’s longtime friends and fans Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld in the front row.

“Narciso kept to his chic minimal aesthetic,” said Nicole Fritton, Harper’s Bazaar market director.

The outerwear was among the strongest looks, especially the reversible wool ones with long, lean lines. Fur was used sparingly, but more so than usual, ramping up the glamour.


Sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy hit on more straightforward styles that can translate to the street. They found them in the Heartland.

Several gowns had a windblown wheat print at the hem, with the rest of the dresses catching different moments of the sunset.

Seem crazy? It’ll all make sense when front-row guest Kirsten Dunst or one of the Mulleavys’ other celebrity fans turns up wearing one at an event.

The opening outfit was a high-neck, cream-and-black dotted chiffon dress _ with black horsehair trim _ that was covered with a yellow boucle coat that had strategic cutouts to show off the garment underneath.


She interpreted her classic evening gowns through her girlhood lens of forests and nature in her native Lebanon, based on memories of searching for amber-entrapped insects in the mountains with her father.

Acra infused the collection with jewel and crystal necklaces and pins shaped like beetles, dragon flies and spiders.

“When you look at this collection then you realize, ‘Wow it does come from there,’” Acra said. “This looks like amber. This looks like my father’s photography of all these insects.”

High-necked gowns had sheer sleeves that drape over the shoulders to form flowing capes. Colored insects pop up over a flowing black-and-white floral print dress.

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