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And done it well. He’s a lifetime .320 hitter with 436 home runs in 15 major league seasons. He is only the 14th player in history to hit at least .300 with 400 doubles and 400 home runs.

“It’s no secret to anybody. Everybody knows what Vladi can do,” said infielder Cesar Izturis. “It’s great to have him on the team. Hopefully, he’ll do something like he did for Texas last year. It will be great.”

The 36-year-old Guerrero has always been comfortable at Camden Yards, which will serve as his new baseball home. He’s a lifetime .333 hitter in Baltimore, with nine homers and 30 RBIs in 32 games.

Guerrero’s success at the ballpark, and the club’s 34-23 record under Showalter last summer, influenced his decision to sign with the Orioles.

“Definitely that had something to do with it, knowing the way the team was playing and the park,” he said. “And at the time, I was unemployed.”

The Orioles made room for Guerrero on the 40-man roster by placing reliever Alfredo Simon on the restricted list. Simon is jailed in the Dominican Republic following a New Year’s Eve shooting that left his cousin dead and another man injured. Authorities are waiting for the results of a ballistics test on the gun that Simon turned in a few days after the shooting.

Simon can return to the 40-man at any time but won’t collect his salary or accrue service time while on the restricted list.