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“At first, I was worried. But when I met him, he was just a really great guy,” Ashiru told the AP by telephone Wednesday. “And he’s coached my position, so I think he can help me do great things at linebacker.”

Like Nebrich, Sean McQuillan, defensive lineman Kenton Adayemi and offensive lineman Dalton Gifford already are enrolled at UConn. They are expected to take part in spring practice.

Pasqualoni said he hasn’t determined how many of the new recruits with redshirt, but said they all will be given a chance to compete.

Some, including DeLorenzo, had a snow day Wednesday. The running back said he woke up at 7 a.m. to fax in his paperwork, then went back to sleep until just before noon.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not excited about UConn.

“I think everything is going to work out even better than with coach Edsall,” he told the AP. “He’s a Connecticut guy. He just seems like a very good coach and every time I’ve spoken with him, it’s been nothing but the best.”