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“These are two really, really, good teams playing one other,” the coach said. “And I would think that both San Diego State and BYU, regardless of what happens on Saturday, will get good, high seeds in the NCAA tournament, which should bode well for opportunity. … Obviously we need to find a way to win. We want to win the conference championship, and this is a huge game for either team that wins it.”

The Aztecs will practice Tuesday through Friday, with Fisher promising “at least one, if not two, pretty vigorous practices.”

It’ll all come down to what the Aztecs can do against Jimmer.

“We just can’t give him 43 points,” guard D.J. Gay said. “That’s what we’re going to have to go and try and figure out. He’s the heart and soul of that team, but they do have other great players on their team. We did a good job on Jackson Emery and (Brandon) Davies, they played well. Those are guys that can step up at any given moment and take over a game as well. I don’t know if it’s taking care of everybody else and letting Jimmer do Jimmer, or try to stop Jimmer and have everybody else step up.”

Fisher said Fredette’s presence makes his teammates dangerous, too.

“When he’s on the floor, everybody else has a little more opening because there’s more than one set of eyes on him. He’s very, very good, and he knows it,” Fisher said.