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The NCAA also tacked on scholarship reductions from 13 to 12 for 2012-13.

“When we submitted our response to the NCAACommittee on Infractions acknowledging violations in the men’s basketball program, we immediately self-imposed a series of penalties and corrective measures that are included as part of the NCAACommittee on Infractions report,” UConn athletic director Jeffrey Hathaway said. “We are disappointed that the committee determined that additional penalties needed to be imposed.”

Two members of last year’s basketball staff, Beau Archibald, the director of basketball operations, and assistant coach Patrick Sellers lost their jobs after allegations they provided false and misleading information to NCAA investigators.

The Division I Committee on Infractions levied a two-year show-cause penalty on Archibald.

The report states Hathaway said Calhoun’s pursuit of Miles was the “most intense” he has ever seen him recruit a player.

Calhoun had admitted mistakes were made, but insisted he was not a cheater.

This was the first time the program has received a letter from the NCAA accusing the school of major violations. Calhoun turned sleepy UConn into an elite program, winning two national championships and 575 games in 24 years.

Thomas said a postseason ban was considered, but the committee was not swayed because the case involved a high-profile coach and program.

UConn will be on probation from Feb. 22, 2011 through Feb. 21, 2014.

Calhoun can’t be present in the arena during his suspension where the games are played, nor have contact with the coaching staff or athletes during the games.

The program is banned from recruiting calls during the 2011-12 academic year until 30 days after the first day that phone calls are allowed. The number of men’s basketball coaches allowed to make phone calls was cut from three to two, not including the head basketball coach, for six months after the university’s response to the notice of allegations.

UConn also faces a reduction of the number of men’s basketball off-campus recruiting days by 40, from 130 to 90, for the 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 recruiting periods.