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Protesters arrested outside Boehner’s office

Six followers of anti-abortion activist Randall Terry were arrested Wednesday outside the office of House Speaker John A. Boehner. The protesters were demanding that the Ohio Republican, himself a staunch opponent of abortion, not give in to the Senate on the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood.

Capitol Police took the six into custody on unlawful-assembly charges after they blocked a hallway outside Mr. Boehner’s private office. Congress is not in session this week, and Mr. Boehner was not in his office.

The Republican-led House last week, as part of a massive spending bill for the remainder of the current budget year, voted to strip federal funding for Planned Parenthood because of its abortion services. That provision likely faces strong resistance in the Senate, where majority Democrats are more supportive of abortion rights and back Planned Parenthood because of its family-planning services.


Four Swiss bankers charged in tax case

Four bankers with Zurich-based Credit Suisse Group were indicted Wednesday on conspiracy charges, accused of helping U.S. taxpayers hide as much as $3 billion in assets from the IRS.

Arrest warrants have been issued for all four, who are thought to be in Switzerland: Marco Parenti Adami, Emanuel Agostoni, Michele Bergantino and Roger Schaerer. All are Swiss citizens, except for Mr. Adami, who is Italian.

Prosecutors allege in the indictment that the conspiracy goes back as far as 1953. The indictment alleges that as of late 2008 Credit Suisse was maintaining thousands of secret accounts for U.S. customers with as much as $3 billion in assets.

The indictment itself does not specify the bank as Credit Suisse, but a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case confirmed the bank’s identity to the Associated Press. The official insisted on anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the case.

Public documents unconnected to the case also identify some of the bankers as Credit Suisse employees.

Credit Suisse itself is not charged in the indictment.


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