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What I like: DailyCandy, which sends e-mail newsletters to readers in 12 cities, already curates lists of restaurants, stores, theaters and galleries. So I trust DailyCandy as an arbiter of taste, perhaps even more than Groupon’s persuasively snappy write-ups. As with Groupon, DailyCandy requires that you buy into the deal up front. The deals are good for about six months, which is standard among daily coupon sites.

What I don’t: It’s only available in New York and Philadelphia, with Los Angeles coming soon.

There is no dedicated phone app.

Some deals, such as a couples-oriented outing at a local ice skating rink that included cups of hot chocolate, expire quickly. I would have had to go ice skating within two weeks of purchasing the coupon. Because DailyCandy targets women, many of the deals are focused on beauty treatments, such as manicures and pedicures. Even I, a regular DailyCandy reader, would have liked to see more food and drink deals along with discounts at tanning salons.

Gilt City (

What I like: Gilt Groupe is a flash sale website, meaning it holds time-limited sales of small quantities of deeply discounted goods. As such, it’s already in the business of selling luxury goods and hotel stays, so it’s easy to imagine it hawking three-course dinners and other posh outings as well. Gilt typically lets people buy up to five coupons for each deal, making it easy to share these experiences with other people. And unlike Gilt Groupe, Gilt City doesn’t require that you create a password-protected account to browse sales.

What I don’t: Only available in a few cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Boston. Even with the discount, some of Gilt’s outings are pricey. One example was a $75 ticket to a wine and cheese tasting, down from $130. Many of the coupons also expire relatively quickly _ in three or four months. Also, I noticed more instances of deals selling out, much like Gilt Groupe’s discounted designer clothing. And, like LivingSocial, the only app is for the iPhone.

If you can tolerate the daily e-mails crowding your inbox, there’s no harm in adding yourself to several deal websites’ mailing lists. If you’re wary of spam overload, Groupon, the pioneer of daily coupon sites, still offers a more balanced selection of deals than the competition. And do try Scoutmob if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the cities it serves; with coupons you don’t even have to pay for, there’s no risk of buyer’s remorse. I can’t stop recommending it to my friends.