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Another Turkish evacuee, Serdar Taskin, who worked for Mammar Arabia company in Benghazi, said he saw bodies hanging from electricity poles. He did not know if they were protesters or Gadhafi supporters.

George Suchomel, a Canadian from Collingwood, Ontario, who works for the German construction company Arcadis, said his company’s offices and lodgings were raided and cars and electronic equipment were looted.

Mr. Suchomel, who was evacuated by a Turkish ship, provided the Associated Press with a video which he said was given to him by militiamen in Benghazi to smuggle out. It showed the aftermath of a scene in which a military tank seems to have run over a red car with some people still trapped inside and others running around frantically and shouting.

People who managed to flee Tripoli by air described sheer chaos at the airport, with people shoving and climbing over one another to get on planes. Amateur video showed crowds of people jammed shoulder to shoulder, some appearing to be camped out.

“I lost all my luggage. It’s literally bodies climbing over bodies to get to the door,” Mr. Black said. “I was on my knees at one stage and so was my colleague, and it was actually one of the Libyan police who grabbed my arm when I showed him my passport and pulled me in, and I pulled the other guy in as well.”

In addition to its maritime effort, Greece sent three military transport planes to Libya on Thursday to bring home 300 citizens, most construction workers.

Libyan authorities, meanwhile, were making it difficult for airlines to obtain landing permits for charter flights into Tripoli. That, and other operational and safety problems, forced some airlines to halt their operations in Libya.

Austrian Airlines temporarily canceled its flights to and from Tripoli through at least Sunday. Italian carrier Alitalia, which has been one of the last commercial airlines flying out of chaos-wracked Libya, also said Thursday it was suspending its flights from Tripoli because of chaos and deteriorating security at the airports.

Several hundred of the 1,500 Italians in Libya already have left.

A plane carrying 125 Ukrainians and 38 foreigners from Libya landed at Kiev’s Boryspil Airport early Thursday. A Polish government plane that was supposed to carry 80 Poles back home arrived in Warsaw with only 15 Poles and several foreigners because many people could not make it to Tripoli’s airport.

Suzan Fraser reported from Marmaris, Turkey. AP writers across Europe contributed to this report.