Holy Family men’s basketball coach resigns

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Kravchuk wasn’t particularly clear with what he wants the school to do.

“I just want some action taken,” he said. “I felt the university owed it to me to take some sort of action and when they didn’t, I took it to the police.”

The coach and player then addressed each other.

O’Connor told Kravchuk, “I was just trying to make us a better team. … I’m really sorry that it happened. If I could take it back, I certainly would.”

Kravchuk responded, “It’s kind of hard to accept your apology just because you claim it’s justified and you weren’t crossing the line.”

Kravchuk said he attended the school to play basketball and now he couldn’t, because of his wrist injury. He also said he couldn’t play for O'Connor.

“As your player I’m supposed to be able to respect you,” he said, “and I don’t feel I can do that anymore.”

Gallagher said the intention of the TV appearance was to make peace with Kravchuk. When that failed, he advised O'Connor it was time to move on from the team.

“I don’t think the final result is justified,” Gallagher said. “It became clear to the coach and me there was no coming back, on the train ride coming back from New York.”

Gallagher said O'Connor received a confidential financial settlement from Holy Family.

“The coach was satisfied with the result,” Gallagher said. “He has to move on. Next play.”

O’Connor, an assistant coach at Georgia Tech before taking over the tiny Division II program last April, was suspended last Thursday.

Holy Family finishes the Division II regular season Friday at Felician College.

Mushman said the team considered some kind of tribute to their coach, but will simply play in his honor.

“We all know how we feel about him as a team,” Mushman said. “It doesn’t have to be said. We’ve spoken out in the news. We’ve written a team letter together. He knows we bought in to what he was trying to do.”

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