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Early arrivals to the awards included supporting actress nominees Leo, Adams and Hailee Steinfeld, and best actress nominees Michelle Williams and Jennifer Lawrence.

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who is providing the grub for the post-awards show’s Governor’s Ball, also made a pass at the carpet, handing out some of the smoked salmon on flat bread he had prepared for appetizers. He also gave out chocolate Oscars.

Although it was bright and sunny over Los Angeles, it was very chilly with a cold wind blowing along the carpet. The stars didn’t don jackets that would cover up their designer clothes, but many of the industry’s behind-the-scenes people wore fur coats and wraps.

“I never expected this after 48 years of acting,” said Jacki Weaver, a supporting-actress nominee for “Animal Kingdom.” “I can’t believe it. I’m so thrilled. It’s such an honor.”

Kevin Spacey got a big reaction from fans once he removed his sunglasses.

“I love her, I adore her,” he remarked about best actress nominee Annette Bening, his co-star in “American Beauty,” which earned him an Oscar (Bening lost her Oscar bid for that film). “I was sorry not to see her take it home then. She’s one of the great actresses we’ve ever produced.”


Associated Press writers Beth Harris and Raquel Dillon contributed to this report.