Timberwolves owner looks for 2nd half improvement

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“We’re going to ask the coaches to try to demonstrate that that they’re making progress so our fans can see that,” Taylor said. “That’s the message you have to bring to your fans. Here’s where we were, not satisfied. Here’s where we’re better. So towards the end there’s no question that we’re better.”

The lack of immediate success is starting to bring more public criticism on Kahn and Rambis. But Taylor said he hasn’t lost faith in either one and credited them for “not whining” about what they have and continuing to work.

“I still think they’re bright, intelligent guys and I know they’re working hard,” Taylor said. “I know they want the results even more than I do. I know it’s frustrating. If they could put their finger on exactly what it was, I know they would do it. It isn’t that they aren’t working on it.”

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