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There were great performances (Michael Vick and Tom Brady) and great endings (Philly beating the Giants on DeSean Jackson’s last-play punt return for a touchdown) and, finally, a Super Bowl pitting two of the great franchises in NFL history that lived up to the billing.

“This is a great day to be great, baby,” Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings said.

But this could be the last uplifting day the NFL sees for a while. There’s no getting away from the labor strife that looms.

“Given the success of the game, given the money available, it doesn’t make sense to me that a compromise solution can’t be found,” said the NFL’s outside labor lawyer, Bob Batterman.

In a recent poll by The Associated Press, people who identified themselves as NFL fans were asked which side they sympathized with. Eleven percent said the owners, 25 percent said the players and 64 percent said neither.

The takeaway message: They simply want their football.

On Sunday, it was easy to see why.