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Music publishing is also one of the areas Miller, who lectures at USC part-time as an adjunct professor because of music commitments, has focused on during his time there.

Volman, although he teaches and runs his department, also still finds time to go out on the road about 50 times a year with the Turtles. It’s something that gives him stories to tell the students, as well as ideas for projects to assign involving booking tours.

He’d also like to see more veteran music pros cross over to the classroom, agreeing they bring more to the table in terms of real-life experience. The biggest thing holding most back from teaching full-time, he says, is the advanced degrees required by most universities. He didn’t earn a master’s degree himself until he was in his 50s.

But once those bridges are crossed, say the musicians who have done it, the rest of the transition isn’t that hard.

“I don’t feel a lot different between being up on stage at a punk concert and being at the podium in a lecture hall,” says Graffin.