House GOP outlines sweeping spending cuts

Republicans account for their larger reduction amounts by pegging their recommended cuts to Mr. Obama’s requests. They claim $58 billion in savings through the end of the year, compared with Mr. Obama’s proposals for domestic agencies. That amount increases to $74 billion after defense cuts are folded in.

The list of cuts contains numerous winners and losers — and seeks to steer clear of political land mines. NASA would absorb a cut of less than 1 percent cut from current levels, and the National Park Service largely would be spared.

In fact, the FBI would receive a 4 percent increase over current levels, as would the U.S. Marshals Service. The health research budget would be frozen at 2010 levels ($31 billion). And while Republicans are advertising cuts to community development programs of $530 million from Mr. Obama’s budget, those cuts equal a freeze at current levels of almost $4 billion.

But renewable-energy and energy-efficiency programs would be slashed by about half, while a weatherization program for homes, factories and office buildings would be terminated.

The Women, Infants and Children program, which provides food for low-income pregnant women, mothers and young children, would receive a $758 million cut, about 10 percent. But with money left over from last year, the impact should be modest.

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