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A memo sent to congressional staffers warns against funding the military with a “continuing resolution,” which is now in effect, saying it means a dip in readiness, pay and new weapons.

“Because of manpower and procurement shortfalls, future operating force equipment readiness will be degraded because of a continued lack of equipment availability,” states the Feb. 4 memo obtained by special correspondent Rowan Scarborough. “As equipment is worn-out or degraded, newly procured replacements will not be available to support deployed Marines, or those preparing to deploy at home.”

Perhaps more troubling, come September, the last month in the 2011 fiscal year, the Corps “would not be able to make payroll,” the memo says.

The paper also lists several weapons systems in use in Afghanistan that could not be replaced. For example, the Corps would be able to buy only 35 percent of the required number of guided multiple launch rockets.

The Democrat-controlled Congress failed to pass a budget last year and instead enacted a continuing resolution that expires March 4 and keeps funding at roughly 2010 levels.