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“We were looking for someone who would move the ball with uptempo,” Brown said. “We looked for somebody who would be innovative, fun for the fans to watch, fun for the players to be involved with. When we started checking further, the name that kept coming up was Bryan Harsin.”

Texas fans will remember Boise State’s upset win over Oklahoma in the 2006 season Fiesta Bowl that saw the Broncos use two trick plays at the end of the game.

Applewhite was just impressed with how many formations Boise State would use during a regular game.

“They lined up 26 formations against Wyoming,” Applewhite said. “We lined up in six.”

Applewhite was a redshirt freshman in 1998 when Brown took over the Texas program.

“This is my university and I want to help get this fixed,” Applewhite said.