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Dyer never hit the ground _ at least the right parts of him didn’t.

With Dyer’s knee off the ground by inches and his hand planted instead of his forearm, the officials never blew the whistle. Dyer leaped up and, after hesitating while everyone tried to figure out what happened, he raced up the sideline for 32 more yards before really being tackled.

After a long review, the officials ruled Dyer had indeed stayed off the ground on that wild ride, giving Auburn the ball at Oregon’s 23 with 1:39 left.

“It’s not like he broke free and did some spectacular things _ he was tackled,” Pleasant said. “Everybody on the side of the defense stopped. He stopped and the coach told him to keep running and he ran. It’s not like it was a blown assignment. It’s not like he busted a 50-yard run down the middle. It was just a crazy play.”

Pleasant made one more play, this time getting a favorable ruling on a video review after he tackled Dyer at the end of a run that was initially ruled a touchdown.

Didn’t matter.

Even after Newton was dropped for a loss, the Tigers had a timeout left and sent out Wes Byrum for a 19-yard field goal attempt. The senior with the history of game-winners hit the biggest of his career at the buzzer, sending the Tigers rushing onto to the field to celebrate a wild national title victory.

“I kind of thought I was down for a second, but there was no whistle blown so I just kept my feet moving and kept going,” Dyer said.

Right into history.