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“We don’t talk to him more or less,” added Billups, a Denver native who has made it known that he would like to finish his career with the Nuggets. “It’s been the same way all year. It’s been the same. We don’t give it any extra energy.”

That goes for Karl as well.

“If something would happen, you’d have a moment of sadness. I would be very sad,” Karl said. “Then there would be a moment of excitement. I’m a big believer in the proverb of your success will all be determined by having another challenge. If that would happen, if something would happen, we’d have another challenge.”

That’s why he watched Favors against the Suns. Other than when Denver hosted the Nets in November, Karl hasn’t seen the Georgia Tech product play that much.

Against Phoenix, Favors finished with 12 points in a little more than 18 minutes.

Early impressions?

“I didn’t watch it studiously,” Karl said. “He’s fine.”

As for whom Favors compares to, Karl simply responded: “I would not be able to be an expert on that.”

In spite of more than five months of constant speculation concerning Anthony, Karl doesn’t think his squad has lost their focus, their edge.

Even more, he feels he’s still retained their attention _ at least for the most part.

“Do you think every coach in the league has the full attention of their team?” Karl said, grinning. “In the moments you have to be there, they’ve been there.

“I can’t deny that there have probably been moments you’d like a little more camaraderie, a little more concentration. But that happens if it snows outside. We’ve had more happen than just it snowing outside.”