- - Sunday, January 16, 2011


Arizona shooting victim has organs donated

BOSTON | The father of the youngest victim of the Arizona massacre said some of her organs have been donated to a young girl in the Boston area.

John Green told the Boston Globe for Sunday’s editions that he received a phone call about the transplant, but he doesn’t know any other details about the donation.

He said the call “really lifted” his spirit, and he and his wife are proud parents yet again of their daughter, “who has done another amazing thing.”

Nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green was born Sept. 11, 2001. She had just been elected to her Tucson school’s student council, which is why she went to see Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The lawmaker was one of 13 wounded; Christina and five others were killed A spokesman for the New England Organ Bank said he can’t comment on donations.


Globes ex-publicist sues, alleges ‘payola’

LOS ANGELES | A former publicist for the organization that runs the Golden Globes sued the group, claiming it engages in payola schemes for nominations and awards.

Michael Russell sued the Hollywood Foreign Press Association late Thursday, just three days before the Golden Globes aired Sunday on NBC.

The lawsuit claims many association members “abuse their positions and engage in unethical and potentially unlawful deals and arrangements, which amount to a ‘payola’ scheme” that could be illegal and jeopardize the group’s tax-exempt status.

The filing does not list any specific examples in which a studio or producer has paid for a Golden Globes nomination or award.

In addition, the suit alleges the association sells prime spots on the show’s red carpet to lesser-known media outlets.

A statement from Ken Sunshine, whose company currently handles the show’s public relations, said the allegations were without merit.


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