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A person involved in the investigation and familiar with the financial transactions told the AP that Mr. Baldick provided Mr. Young a salary boost of about $30,000 to move off the Edwards campaign payroll onto one of Mr. Baldick’s private organizations around the time Mr. Young began taking care of a pregnant Ms. Hunter in fall 2007, when the primary campaign was heating up. Mr. Young also got more than $150,000 in payments as a commission for money he raised for Alliance for a New America. A month after Mr. Young got his last campaign paycheck on Nov. 14, 2007, he publicly claimed paternity of Ms. Hunter’s child.

Mr. Young has long since renounced his paternity claim and broken with Mr. Edwards. In the book “The Politician,” Mr. Young said he was covering up Mr. Edwards‘ fatherhood of the child. Mr. Edwards admitted paternity last year.

The person familiar with the financial transactions said Mr. Young received some payments from Slan Productions, a consulting firm also listed in the subpoena. In one filing with the Federal Election Commission, Slan Productions’ address is listed as Mr. Baldick’s home in Chevy Chase, Md.

The grand jury also has issued subpoenas for material related to the Hilltop Public Solutions consulting firm created by Mr. Baldick, a leading Democratic operative who also worked on presidential campaigns for Al Gore and Bill Clinton before Mr. Edwards picked him to manage his 2004 White House bid.

Tax records indicate the Alliance political group did directly spend about a third of its money on advertising in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign. President Obama made an issue of the ads, which supported Mr. Edwards in the Iowa caucuses, because Mr. Baldick, then Mr. Edwards‘ former campaign manager, was running the group. In response, Mr. Edwards said it was a separate entity that he legally couldn’t control, but he publicly called on the group to stop running the ads.

Mike Baker reported from Raleigh, N.C.