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It would also be worthwhile to wipe out the Medicare Independent Payments Advisory Board, a panel with power - too much power - over what kind of care can and can’t be reimbursed. Such power could change the way physicians practice, undermining the doctor-patient relationship, the cornerstone of modern medicine.

Finally, Obamacare includes new regulations that will add to the cost of insurance, reduce competition among insurers and increase health care bureaucracy. The act, for instance, forces every insurer to price its plans based on “community rating,” lumping everyone in a region into the same statistical pool to avoid “discrimination.”

But individual Democrats in the House and Senate might be friendlier to real competition - especially if it’s modeled after the exchange that every member of Congress enjoys access to.

Today, House Republicans are registering their disapproval of sweeping but unpopular legislation. With careful planning, they can help change the legislation itself over the next two years.

Dr. David Gratzer is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.