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“Saying nothing would have been perceived as protecting the Israelis, and in the end, the UAE chose to tell all. The statement was carefully drafted not to point any fingers, but the reference in the document … to a gang with Western passports will be read locally as referring to the Mossad,” Mr. Olson stated.

The Feb. 24 cable includes a letter of request from the General Directorate of State Security to the governor of the United Arab Emirates Central Bank, Sultan Al-Suwiadi.

That request asks that the Central Bank “obtain details of the above credit cards, in addition to details for purchases, accounts, and payments on those cards, as the users of those cards were involved in the murder of Mahmoud [al-Mabhouh]. Those cards were issued by [MetaBank] in the state of Iowa, USA.”

Mr. Olson in the Feb. 24 cable recommends “expeditious handling and reply” to the United Arab Emirates‘ request for assistance.

A former Mossad operations officer who goes by the pseudonym Michael Ross said the Mossad would never use an American bank for a sensitive operation without at least notifying the CIA.

“The fact that this team used cash cards from a bank in Iowa tells me that this was a joint operation, or the Dubai police are forging the evidence,” he said.

The statement from MetaBank said the individuals who used the prepaid cards did not appear on the Treasury’s list of people who are barred from doing business with U.S. companies.

“No other readily apparent method existed for Meta to determine that identity theft had been perpetrated on valid governments and their citizens,” the statement said.

The United Arab Emirates Embassy in Washington declined to comment for this report.