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Favors looked relaxed on Thursday and said he felt great.

“This is a big relief because I don’t have family members and friends calling and asking me about it, and reporters asking me about it all the time,” Favors said.

During the trade frenzy, Favors said he stopped watching television. He actually played one of his better games Wednesday, collecting 12 points and six rebounds in 30 minutes in a win over Utah that allowed the Nets to snap a six-game losing streak.

“It’s been a learning experience,” Favors said. “If it comes up again, I’ll be prepared.”

Veteran forward Kris Humphries thinks the players probably can put the Anthony situation behind them. However, there is still a trading deadline looming on Feb. 24.

“Nothing is ever over and done,” Humphries said. “I mean there are always trades. I don’t know about this exact situation. This is the NBA. Who knows? Some sort of trade can happen tomorrow. We don’t know.”

The Nets will get some help on Friday against Detroit, when shooting guard Anthony Morrow returns to the lineup for the first time since being sidelined with a hamstring injury in mid-December.