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“That’s his belief,” Brennan said, “and he’s entitled to it.”

Gosnell told the magistrate he’s looking to retain another lawyer, and Brennan confirmed he’s not representing Gosnell anymore.

“I wish him well, but I am not taking this case,” Brennan said. “The doctor and I have had our run.”

Marie Smith’s mother recalls going to look for her only child at Gosnell’s clinic when she did not emerge on time from the recovery room. She said what she saw shocked her.

“Nasty and dirty, filthy,” Johnnie Mae Smith recalled this week.

When her daughter took ill days later, she called Gosnell.

“I said, ‘What did you do to my daughter? … My daughter’s about to die,’ Smith said. “He said, ‘Take her to the hospital.’”

The $3,000 her daughter received from the court system hardly compensates for her suffering, she said.

“That little bit of money they gave her, they could have kept it. I’m glad she’s got her life,” Smith said. “All that money he made and all that money he has should go to the people that he hurt.”