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It’s not time to play softball and wallow in civility, apparently. Judicial Watch recommends the 112th Congress investigate White House “czar” policies, ACORN, Climategate, the financial solvency of U.S. states, government justification for authorizing big bailouts and President Obama’s “attempts to enact stealth amnesty for illegal aliens without approval by Congress.”

The government-watchdog group is also antsy over health care reform, pension fraud, national security, “politicization at the Department of Justice” and what they deem “White House bribery,” citing federal appointment offers to candidates now-former Rep. Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania Democrat, and Andrew Romanoff, who ran for U.S. Senate in Colorado.

“The American people spoke clearly on Election Day. No more backroom deals, no more influence peddling and no more corruption. This new Congress has an obligation to honor the intense desire by the American people to clean up corruption in Washington,” says the group’s president, Tom Fitton, who calls the Obama administration “the most secretive in recent American history.”


• Four: The number of times since 1978 that a U.S. president has had a “spike” in public opinion following a State of the Union address.

• 48 percent: President Obama’s favorability rating before his 2010 speech.

• 48 percent: His rating after the speech.

• 60 percent: President Bush’s rating before his 2003 speech.

• 61 percent: Mr. Bush’s rating afterwards.

• 47 percent: President Clinton’s rating before his 1995 speech.

• 49 percent: Mr. Clinton’s rating after the speech.

Source: Gallup Poll approval ratings historical records, 1978-2010.

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