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President Obama is announcing new governmentwide initiatives to support military families, including programs aimed at preventing suicide and eliminating homelessness.

Mr. Obama says the government has an obligation to help military families as they support loved ones fighting for their country. Obama said he often meets with service members who say their top concern is making sure their families are taken care of.

The White House said government agencies will now coordinate on ways to enhance physical and psychological health, ensure excellence in military children’s education, develop career opportunities for military spouses, and increase child care availability.


Report finds Bush White House politicking

The White House Office of Political Affairs during the George W. Bush administration violated the law by giving political briefings to political employees, concludes a government report issued Monday.

The report said the electoral success of the Republican Party and possible strategies for achieving it often were on the agenda at some of 75 political briefings at 20 federal agencies from 2001 to 2007.

The Office of Special Counsel concluded that such briefings should take place away from the federal workplace during nonbusiness hours and that attendance should be completely optional.

Those who gave the briefings said they were intended to boost morale among political appointees and provide an overview of the “political landscape.”

However, witness testimony, e-mail messages and PowerPoint slides used at some of the briefings indicate that the meetings were more overtly political.


Official: Historian changed document

The National Archives said a longtime Abraham Lincoln researcher has confessed to tampering with a presidential pardon so he could claim credit for finding a document of historical significance.

According to the Archives, Thomas P. Lowry, 78, of Woodbridge, Va., used a fountain pen to change the date on a pardon by Lincoln from April 14, 1864, to the year 1865. Officials said the change made it appear that Mr. Lowry had discovered a document languishing in the Archives that was likely Lincoln’s final official act before he was assassinated.

Tampering is a federal crime, but the Archives said Mr. Lowry cannot be prosecuted because he altered the pardon in 1998 and the statute of limitations has expired.

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