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Yes, well. Mr. Morris favors Rahm rival Gery Chico, former chief of staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley.

“Chico is not ideal. He’s no tea party activist. But he’s honest, and to the right of Rahm,” Mr. Morris notes.


• 77 percent of Americans are satisfied “with the quality of life”; the figure was 82 percent in 2008.

• 58 percent are satisfied with the influence of organized religion; the figure was 56 percent in 2008.

• 55 percent say there is still opportunity to get ahead with hard work; the figure was 68 percent in 2008.

• 42 percent are satisfied with the system of government and how well it works; the figure was 53 percent.

• 31 percent are satisfied with the “size and power” of federal government; the figure was 41 percent.

• 30 percent are satisfied with the moral and ethical climate of the nation; the figure was 39 percent.

• 29 percent are satisfied with the size and influence of major corporations; the figure was 35 percent.

Sources: A Gallup Poll of 1,008 adults conducted Jan. 7 to 9 and released Friday; Gallup historic records.

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