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While the mainstream media conveniently wallows in the idea that President Obama has suddenly grown “Reaganesque,” the Media Research Center offers a reality check. The title of this special report tells all: “Rewriting Ronald Reagan: How the Media Have Worked to Distort, Dismantle and Destroy His Legacy.” See the revealing report here:

“It is amazing to consider that President Reagan’s success at turning the U.S. away from 1960s-style liberalism was accomplished in the face of a daily wave of news media hostility,” notes Brent Baker, who authored the research with fellow analysts Tim Graham and Rich Noyes.


44 percent of Americans give President Obama a positive job review.

8 percent of Republicans, 14 percent of conservatives, 77 percent of liberals and 78 percent of Democrats agree.

62 percent of those with a postgraduate degree, 50 percent of East Coast residents, 48 percent of college grads and 39 percent of high school grads also agree.

56 percent of Americans overall give Mr. Obama a negative job rating.

92 percent of Republicans, 86 percent of conservatives, 23 percent of liberals and 22 percent of Democrats agree.

61 percent of high school grads, 60 percent of Southerners, 58 percent of men and 38 percent of those with postgraduate degrees agree.

Source: A Harris Poll of 2,556 adults conducted Jan. 17 to 24.

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