- - Tuesday, January 4, 2011


China claims mastery of nuke fuel reprocessing

BEIJING | Chinese scientists have mastered the technology for reprocessing nuclear fuel, potentially yielding additional power sources to keep the country’s economy booming, state television reported Monday.

The breakthrough will extend by many times the amount of power that can be generated from China’s nuclear plants by allowing the recovery of fissile and fertile materials to provide new fuel, CCTV said.

Several European countries, Russia, India and Japan already reprocess nuclear fuel — the materials used to make nuclear energy — to separate out and recover the unused uranium and plutonium, reduce waste and close the nuclear cycle for safety reasons.

Each country’s process is generally considered an industrial secret and not shared.


U.S.-linked nuke scientist reported to be in prison

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates | An Iranian nuclear scientist who claimed that he slipped away from his CIA captors has not been seen publicly since his heroic return to Tehran last year and could be facing an investigation as a suspected turncoat, according to an opposition website.

The report on the website Iranbriefing.net says that Shahram Amiri is being held in a Tehran prison, where he reportedly was beaten so severely that he had to be hospitalized for a week.

The website’s account could not be verified, but it purports to offer the first details on Mr. Amiri’s fate since he surfaced in the U.S. six months ago amid an array of contradictory stories between Tehran and Washington.


U.S. general: Deal with tribe in Taliban bastion

KABUL | The leaders of the largest tribe in a Taliban stronghold in southern Helmand province have pledged to halt insurgent attacks and expel foreign fighters from one of the most violent spots in the country, the senior U.S. Marine general in Afghanistan said Monday.

Marine Maj. Gen. Richard Mills, who commands coalition forces in the southwest, said the deal was struck between local elders in the Sangin district and Helmand Gov. Gulabuddin Mangal with the consultation of coalition forces. The area has been the site of some of the heaviest fighting of the war.

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