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About two dozen people were crowded into a small waiting room in Nashua 15 minutes after the office opened, and a steady stream of patients came and went throughout the morning. Most of their frustration was muted, though tempers occasionally flared.

Citing cash-flow problems, New York-based Allcare Dental and Dentures closed offices in at least eight states this week, including New Hampshire, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Tennessee and West Virginia. After being contacted by the New Hampshire attorney general, the company opened its two locations there for one day Thursday so patients could retrieve records.

Allcare executives have not returned repeated calls seeking comment.


Four Loko, other drinks turned into ethanol in state

RICHMOND | Truckloads of Four Loko and other alcohol-laced energy drinks are being recycled into ethanol and other products after federal authorities told manufacturers the beverages were dangerous and caused users to become “wide-awake drunk.”

Wholesalers from Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and other East Coast states started sending cases of the high-alcohol, caffeinated malt beverages to MXI Environmental Services in Virginia after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a crackdown on the sale of such beverages in November.

Brian Potter, vice president of operations at MXI’s facility in Abingdon, Va., said about a couple of hundred truckloads of the drinks would be coming to the plant. Each truck holds 2,000 cases of the 23.5-ounce cans.

MXI Enterprises is one of three facilities in the U.S. that recycle ethanol, according to the American Coalition for Ethanol, an industry group. Mr. Potter said Thursday that his competitors also are taking shipments of the drinks.

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