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c Oct. 18: James Cromite, aka Abdul Rahman, who converted to Islam in prison, was convicted with three others of conspiring to blast a Bronx synagogue and use Stinger missiles to demolish military planes at New York’s Stewart Air Base.

Shallower than Saran Wrap, Ms. Couric uttered not a word about this. She sees the real threat as average Americans with a “deep-seated hatred” of “all Muslims.” Yet, these supposedly bigoted monsters somehow denounced the proposed ground zero mosque loudly, yet peacefully.

Indeed, New York state’s latest data show that among 683 reported hate crimes in 2009 (before the mosque fracas), 11 (1.6 percent) targeted Muslims, while 251 (36.7 percent) focused on Jews. In Los Angeles, Jews endured 88 percent of hate incidents; Muslims 3 percent. None of this appears to occupy Katie Couric’s head. But then again, what does?

Deroy Murdock is a columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service and a media fellow with Stanford’s Hoover Institution.