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Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich holds court in a high school auditorium in Pella, Iowa, on Monday; he then sallies forth to Charleston, S.C., for a tea party rally Tuesday. Jon Huntsman Jr. is also in the Palmetto State this week — speechifying at Mutt’s Barbecue in Spartanburg on Monday and at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research in Greenville on Tuesday. But his mind is on big things, handlers say.

“He’s going to be focused on jobs and the deficit, plus his record in Utah growing the economy and balancing budgets, bringing home the point that this is what the country needs right now,” his spokesman Tim Miller tells Inside the Beltway.


“America could learn a lot from a drug addict. Even though this country’s $14 trillion in debt, Washington raised the debt ceiling 10 times in the last 10 years. Each time, it’s like another hit — another spending hit. But you’re the junkies. Four cents out of every dollar you spend is borrowed from places like China. So China is like your dealer. And your addiction and your dealer control your life. To borrow less you need to spend less. Yeah. Washington could learn a lot from a drug addict.”

— Dialogue from a new 30-second TV ad from Public Notice Research & Education Fund; see it here:


• 30 percent of Americans interpret the Bible literally, saying it is the actual word of God.

• 54 percent of weekly churchgoers, 46 percent of conservatives, 42 percent of Republicans, 14 percent of liberals and 27 percent of Democrats agree.

• 49 percent overall say the Bible “is the inspired word of God but that it should not be taken literally.”

• 41 percent of weekly churchgoers, 45 percent of conservatives, 51 percent of Republicans, 48 percent of liberals and 46 percent of Democrats agree.

• 17 percent overall say the Bible is an ancient book of stories and moral precepts recorded by man.

• 3 percent of weekly churchgoers, 7 percent of conservatives, 6 percent of Republicans, 31 percent of liberals and 24 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: A Gallup Poll of 1,018 adults conducted May 5 to 8 and released Friday.

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