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Mr. Stanley had been named interim director in December and acting director in March, after serving as general counsel for DYRS and serving in other D.C. agencies earlier in his career.

Council members typically give deference to the mayor’s picks for key Cabinet posts unless they have notable concerns about the nominee’s ability to effectively lead an agency. Peter Nickles, who served as D.C. attorney general under former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, was the last notable nomination to be rebuffed by a council committee. However, he was confirmed by the full council in late 2008.

DYRS has been a troubled agency in recent years, with multiple shifts in leadership, a lack of youth oversight, and notable escapes and reports of violence against employees.

Mr. Stanley received supportive testimony during his confirmation hearings. But Mr. Graham said there were lingering questions about his leadership, morale at the agency and whether he edited the New Beginnings job description to fit the qualifications of Capt. Baynes.