- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You’ve probably heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, the trivia game that challenges players to connect fellow actors to Kevin Bacon. The idea is that Bacon has worked with so many, that just about anyone in Hollywood has some connection to him.

We got to wondering whether the same game could be applied to Matt Stairs, the Nationals’ 43-year-old pinch-hitting specialist. His career began in 1992, and we found he has links to some of the most legendary players in baseball — and the other major pro sports — in anywhere from four to seven steps.

For instance, Stairs was a teammate of Randy Velarde with the A’s in 2000; Velarde played with Tommy John in 1987; John with Early Wynn in 1963; Wynn with Ossie Bluege in 1939; and Bluege with “The Big Train,” himself, Walter Johnson, in Washington in 1922. (Research by Patrick Stevens)

Connection to: Babe Ruth

Matt Stairs (1992 Expos)

Dennis Martinez (1976 Orioles)

Brooks Robinson (1956 Orioles)

Dave Philley (1947 White Sox)

Red Ruffing (1934 Yankees)


Connection to: Walter Johnson

Matt Stairs (2000 Athletics)

Randy Velarde (1987 Yankees)

Tommy John (1963 Indians)

Early Wynn (1939 Senators)

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