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The cosmetics brand Illamasqua, which boasts big-name clients including Courtney Love and Lily Allen, has teamed up with London funeral directors Leverton & Sons to offer professional cosmetic alterations to those who wish to improve their look after death, Fox News reports.

The service, aptly named the Final Act of Self-Expression, allows high-paying clients to design their “last glamorous look” prior to their death. The company describes the unusual makeover service as a way to bring “ritual beauty” to those who love to “self-express.”

“It encourages people to plan their final transformation - one that pays tribute to who they were in life and how they want to enter the afterlife,” said an Illamasqua representative.

A customer hoping to glamorize her look after death will have to fork over a little more than $700 before death. An Illamasqua makeup artist specially trained in working with embalmed corpses will then apply the cosmetic alterations.

“To wear the most fabulous makeup applied by a professionally trained makeup artist for your final journey is the ultimate statement of celebration,” the company said on its blog.

Illamasqua is a relatively new beauty firm, founded in 2008, but its profile has grown significantly in recent months. The brand has been elevated to cult status and is sold in hundreds of stores worldwide.

• Compiled by Alexa Linn Williams, Alyssa Moody 2011 The Daily Caller