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Armstrong Williams doesn’t just speak out, he eloquently makes the legal, moral and logical arguments about how and why fathers must reclaim their basic rights as, well, fathers.

With every subsequent chapter in Mr. Williams‘ marvelous book, I found myself deeply impressed with his intelligence, masterful logic and brilliant observations about the most profound questions and topics of our lives: motherhood, fatherhood, marriage, family, the pursuit of truth and even the virtues of capitalism, just to name a few. Mr. Williams‘ infusion of timeless truths and new arguments into old debates is the fresh ammunition we need to fight - and win - the culture war. And if we can get those who oppose such things as the Ten Commandments and timeless virtues to actually read Mr. Williams‘ book, we just might win this war not by defeating our enemy but persuading him to join us.

No, Armstrong Williams‘ “Reclaiming Virtues” definitely is not just another rehash of all that is wrong; it undoubtedly will be among the most effective books in helping us restore what is right.

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