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This year, Sony plans to show footage from the new “Spider-Man” movie, along with a peek at “Total Recall,” the new “Ghost Rider,” two animated properties and its forthcoming R-rated comedy, “30 Minutes or Less.” Mr. Weinstock said the studio purposely delayed the release of the “Ghost Rider” trailer so it could make its debut at Comic-Con.

Though movies have a major presence at Comic-Con, it’s not a film festival.

“It’s more of like a marketing festival,” Mr. Weinstock said. “[Typically,] you’re not showing the film. You’re showing scenes or clips or sizzle reels, so it’s more of almost just a trailer festival, like ‘Oh my god; I’m going to see stuff that no one else gets to see for months and months.’ “

Comic-Con success does not always lead to commercial success, but filmmakers and marketers say it’s worth the risk to bring properties straight to their eventual consumers.

“Does everything that gets momentum out of Comic-Con guarantee it’s going to be a mainstream hit? No, it doesn’t,” Mr. Favreau said. “But the right piece of material at that place, it will blast you into the stratosphere.”