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Cain’s candidacy has not been without gaffes, and he has made a few racially tinged remarks that have raised eyebrows. Last month, Cain was quoted as saying that blacks “can’t afford to” join him at tea party rallies and other conservative events. In campaign footage, he is seen with tea partyers across the country, warning, “To all of those who say that the tea party is a racist organization … eat your words!”

Last month, after referring to himself as “the dark horse candidate,” Cain invoked the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. when he began his speech to the Republican Leadership Conference with the words, “I have a dream” of GOP victories in the House and Senate in 2012 and said he would be the next president of the United States.

At times, Cain seems to enjoy flirting with race. He is fond of saying that he “left the Democratic plantation years ago.” At a recent campaign event in Atlanta, he told the crowd that when asked by a reporter what distinguished him from his fellow GOP candidates, he answered: “One of the biggest differences is the color of my … eyes.” At the same meeting, during a lull in the questioning, Cain sang the spiritual “Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now” in a velvet baritone.

The mostly white audience ate it up.

“One of the things I have done throughout this … is that I’m not going to allow people to distract us with this whole color thing,” he told the crowd. “It is not about color. It’s about good ideas that will save this economy and this nation.”