- - Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Top fundraisers betting on Perry presidential bid

Texas Gov. Rick Perry hosted a group of top national Republican fundraisers Tuesday in Austin, leaving at least one of the 20 or so big-money bundlers in attendance convinced that he’s going to jump into the presidential race.

“If I had to bet my own money on it, I sure would bet that this man is coming into it and coming into it big time and serious,” a top Republican fundraisers who attended the dinner told The Washington Times. “They gave you every indication, wink and nod that they are going to go.”

Mark Miner, the governor’s spokesman, told The Times that the meeting was one of many that are happening as the governor contemplates a potential run.

“It’s part of the decision-making process,” he said.

Mr. Perry has flirted with a White House run for months, and political insiders predict he’s probing to see whether he can raise the money needed to compete in the primary season and in a general election against President Obama, who recently raised $86 million for his 2012 campaign.


Joe the Plumber has Cain’s back in 2012

It’s official: Joe the Plumber supports Herman the Pizza Guy.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, who as “Joe the Plumber” became a household name after Barack Obama and John McCain used his name 11 times in their final debate in 2008, is standing behind GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain even as the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO faces controversy about a string of recent comments.

On his Twitter account Tuesday, Mr. Wurzelbacher praised Mr. Cain for telling The Washington Times this week that he would attack Iran if it “mess[es] with Israel.”

Tweeted Mr. Wurzelbacher: “Our ‘Leadership’ has been pussyfootin around Iran for far too long. We need a Strong leader.”

On Sunday, he seconded Mr. Cain’s statement on “Fox News Sunday” that communities should be allowed to ban mosques: “I stand 100% behind Mr. Herman Cain on this issue. Thomas Jefferson knew this ‘Religion’ was dangerous.”

Cain campaign spokeswoman Ellen Carmichael told The Washington Times that Mr. Cain and Mr. Wurzelbacher had been friends since the days of Herminator PAC, which Mr. Cain used to raise money for candidates in the 2010 midterm elections. Mr. Wurzelbacher has since appeared at a number of Cain events and in a campaign video.

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