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They trumpeted their proposal for including an “all revenue” formula for dividing earnings, an entry-level compensation structure that controls wages for unproven players and provisions designed to improve player safety and benefits for retired players.

“I think it’s a win-win for both sides,” Redskins owner Daniel Snyder told The Washington Times after the vote. “I’m just excited about this season and getting going.

“The most important thing from my perspective is that it’s a long-term deal. Both sides come out on top and together.”

Under the terms of the owners’ proposal, teams would be able to begin negotiating with and sign their own free agents and draft picks Saturday. The open free agent market would take effect at 2 p.m. Wednesday. The Redskins have been planning to open training camp next Thursday.

But the players have to approve it before the footballs start flying.

“We believe that the agreement that has been negotiated — which is long, complicated and detailed — was negotiated in good faith with the intention of ratifying it,” said Jeff Pash, an NFL executive vice president and the league’s lead negotiator.

“I cannot imagine that DeMaurice Smith is electing to pay all of those hours for his attorneys to negotiate an agreement that he and his membership then decide not to ratify. So we expect that we will have a ratified agreement and that we will be open with the new league year around the schedule that we have outlined for you. If that does not happen, then obviously we will have to consider what to do next.”