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“We have decided to provide the Libyan transition council with urgently needed funding for civil and humanitarian measures,” Mr. Westerwelle said in a statement.

“Due to Colonel Gadhafi’s war against his own people, the situation in Libya is extremely difficult. The funding is lacking to build necessary structures and to overcome supply shortages — from medical care to food.”

“People are suffering more and more from this [shortages], particularly in eastern Libya,” said Mr. Westerwelle.


Fire interrupts travel at Rome train station

ROME — A blaze at one of Rome’s railway stations Sunday forced cancellation or long delays for many trains along the nation’s major north-south routes passing through the capital.

Fire officials and the state railways said the blaze began before dawn Sunday in a machine room in Tiburtina station, on the eastern end of the capital. By late afternoon, fire officials said the blaze was finally under control.

No injuries were reported.

Fire and railway officials said the cause of the blaze was under investigation.

For most of the day, only two lines passing through the station were open, but railways spokesman Federico Fabretti said that by midafternoon the number of trains that were running through the station was doubling.

Those lines included regional and medium-to-long run trains. Some high-speed trains running between Milan and the south were rerouted along western coastal lines via the Tuscan city of Pisa to avoid Tiburtina.

At Rome’s main station, Termini, some travelers were taking suburban trains to an outlying station to catch buses being arranged to go to destinations including Florence and Ancona on the Adriatic, where many vacationers head to seaside resorts, according to Sky TG24 TV.

From wire dispatches and staff reports