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“The plan that we just introduced to our members is a well thought out and reasoned plan in which no side gets all that they want.”

Rep. Eric Cantor, Virginia Republican, on short-term House solutions to defuse the debt-ceiling debate, proposed on Monday.


Judging from hair-raising White House predictions, the nation is headed for Implosion Tuesday. Soon. Indeed, there’s only a week — 168 hours — before Aug. 2 dawns and the debt-ceiling deadline arrives. Whether it proves to be Armageddon and/or the end of the space-time continuum remains to be seen.

But we might as well be accurate.

From the Bipartisan Policy Center — founded once upon a time by former Sens. Robert Dole, Howard Baker, Tom Daschle and George Mitchell — comes the Debt Limit Deadline Countdown Clock.

For better or worse, the clock’s digital numbers click away the seconds, minutes, hours and days left until White House and Republicans must kiss and make up, kick the can down the road or remain in brazen deadlock. See the clock at, along with an analysis and “debt tools” revealing what needs to be paid.


Folks are taking care of business elsewhere in the House. On Tuesday, the subcommittee on cybersecurity, infrastructure protection and security technologies will conduct a hearing titled “The last line of defense: federal, state, and local efforts to prevent nuclear and radiological terrorism within the United States.”

Way to go. And thanks.


• 87 percent of Americans favor a law requiring doctors to inform women about possible risks of abortion before the procedure.

• 95 percent of Republicans, 89 percent of women, 84 percent of Democrats and 84 percent of men agree.

• 71 percent overall favor a law requiring women under 18 to get parental consent before having an abortion.

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