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Hans Backe, the Red Bulls coach who has been put in charge of the MLS team, worked with his team for an hour on Tuesday. He would not discuss how his team would play, but he is hoping the MLS performs better than it did in a 5-2 loss to Manchester United in last year’s All-Star game.

“I think (the goal) is to pick up a good result,” Backe said. “If you look at the result last year and the results on the current U.S. tour for Man U. it’s 3-1, 7-nil. I don’t know the other result. I just feel we have to step up and pick up a good result.”

When asked if 2-1 would be acceptable, Backe smiled, knowing he was being asked about a 2-1 loss.

“Winning,” he said with an even wider smile.

Manchester United will play the final game on its tour on Saturday in Washington against Barcelona in a rematch of the Champions League final.

“It’s very easy to be motivated at Man U, the interest is so huge,” Ferguson said. “You don’t want to fail in any sense of the word.”