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Mr. Romney made the comments on a manufacturer’s factory floor. The stop in Pataskala is part of his broader strategy to focus more on the General Election race and Mr. Obama than the GOP primary contest.

While there, Mr. Romney declined to comment on the debt limit negotiations in Washington, only saying that he favored a “cut, cap and balance” approach to federal spending, which means cutting and capping spending and passing a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.


Huntsman blames slow start on summer ‘dog days’

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. is blaming his slow start on “the dog days of August,” saying he’ll do better when the election season hits high gear.

Asked about relatively poor polling numbers, the former Utah governor replied, “If the election were next month, I guess that would be a cause for concern.”

Mr. Huntsman told CBS’ “The Early Show” that “it’s going to take a little while” to hone his message of “moving this country to a position of competitiveness and job creation.” He said “we’ve got a terrific presence in the early states” and that he expects an even stronger organization on the ground by this fall.

Mr. Huntsman was the choice of just 4 percent of the respondents in a recent Suffolk University poll in New Hampshire.

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