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TSA agent accused of harassing slow driver

SOUTH WINDSOR — A U.S. Transportation Security Administration screener has been cited for allegedly harassing a slow driver in Connecticut.

Police said Donald Eichler, 63, flashed a TSA badge and honked his horn in an effort to speed up the other driver. The woman called 911 and said she was frightened by his actions.

The man said Wednesday that the woman overreacted. He said she was driving 30 mph in a 40 mph zone in South Windsor, where he lives. He said he tapped the horn a few times and flashed a work identity card as other cars lined up behind him.

Mr. Eichler was pulled over Tuesday morning and issued a misdemeanor summons on a charge of vehicle driven to harass or intimidate. He is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 8.


Anthony judge wants public-records law changed

ORLANDO — The judge in the Casey Anthony case has urged the Florida Legislature to change the state’s laws in order to keep jurors’ names secret in high-profile cases, especially when they might receive threats because of a verdict.

Judge Belvin Perry wrote in an order that releasing the names of jurors “makes a mockery” of Florida’s privacy law, but a public records advocate said Wednesday that people have more faith in a transparent process.

Judge Perry has delayed releasing jurors’ names in the Anthony case until October, in part because the panel, along with Miss Anthony, received threats after she was acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.


After reform, tenure awarded to fewer teachers

NEW YORK — New York City is granting tenure to fewer than six out of 10 public school teachers this year, part of an effort to end what Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said was a practice of bestowing job security automatically.

Mr. Bloomberg and schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott announced Wednesday that 58 percent of the more than 5,200 teachers who received decisions this year were granted tenure. That’s down from 89 percent last year and 94 percent the year before that.

Mr. Bloomberg announced in September he would overhaul the way city teachers are granted tenure, linking their advancement to improving student performance.

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